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November 1, 2018

Increase Revenue with Reviews

Reviews and video testimonials are major keys to your success. Google and Amazon are all about reviews. Reviews increase your search ranking on both platforms. If you don’t have reviews, you are not helping yourself.

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October 1, 2018

Profitable Medi Spa And On AutoPilot

Entrepreneurs work hard. Why do I say that? Because most don’t have a proven-effective business model in writing outlining all their systems, structures, policies, procedures, training, etc. They are always repeating themselves and doing things in an inconsistent manner.

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September 1, 2018

How To Fish For The Right Fish

Not all fish are created equally. You hear me talking and writing about not discounting, playing the price war games and to raise your prices. Why? Because if you go fishing for the right fish you can make more, work less, be happy and have more balance in your life.

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August 1, 2018

The Power of Mastermind Groups

Mastermind Groups are unknown to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book. A Mastermind Group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

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July 1, 2018

Becoming An Author Will Change Your Life

For years, my mentors and coaches told me “Dori you have to write articles, blogs, and a book. This will change your life”. And like most people, I put it off for a while. Then about 10 years ago, I decided they were right.

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June 1, 2018

Spa & Medi Spa Menu Makeover!

Renew Your Menu, Expand Your Income! Innovation and creativity are essential to maintaining your competitive edge, insuring growth and increasing client retention.

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