How to Make e-Marketing Profitable

For any type of e-marketing to be effective, you need to:

1. Generate qualified leads
2. Write great copy to peak interest
3. Make an irresistible offer
4. Have a “Call to Action” or CTA

1. Generate Qualified Leads
What steps are you taking to generate new leads? You need to be setting monthly goals to reach new leads. Set a monthly target, and then focus on how many of those leads need to turn into clients to reach your quota. There are so many ways to generate leads! Here are just a few suggestions: your website, your e-newsletter, social media… I could go on and on! Focus on generating new leads and building your database.

2. Write Great Copy to Peak Interest
I receive lots of e-marketing blasts from clients and non-clients. I am often shocked at how poorly written their content is! Effective e-campaigns must have great copywriting to be effective. Which do you think will generate more sales — the e-campaign that is poorly written, or the one that is carefully comprised and descriptive? Instead of using the word “our,” place the focus on the client. Sadly, I have read thousands of poorly-written marketing e-blasts. So, please spend time on your copywriting, or hire someone else to do it for you!

3. Make An Irresistible Offer
When creating your e-marketing campaign, make sure to include an irresistible offer that will compel the reader to take action. This first offer needs to be presented while you are generating leads. The offer should invite people to join your e-mail list, register to win something, receive a complimentary skincare analysis, etc. The offer should lead them into opting in to your newsletter. Other offers can be made after you begin communicating with them. You don’t have to give away the farm; just show added value and fulfill the “What’s in it for me?” factor. This will cause your readers to act now.

4. Have a “Call to Action” or CTA
With every campaign, include a call to action, or CTA. Without one, people will simply read your material, and then move on. You need to tell your readers what to do! You may think it takes millions of dollars in your marketing budget to initiate a CTA, but that’s not true. Frankly, you can’t afford not to have one!

Examples of a CTA:
The first 20 people to reserve will receive a unique XYZ, a complimentary value of $
Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Call 222-2222 to reserve or email us at

Reserve your experience on Wednesday or Thursday and receive XYZ
Call now to reserve or simply reply here with the desired time you would like your experience to begin.
Offer expires on June 6th.

One of the most economical methods to market your spa or medi spa business is through social media. However, few people know how to do it correctly. We can help you Make Your Spa Social Media Work For You!


Having issues with your e-marketing? Leave a comment and let us help you!


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