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Business Success Platinum A La Carte Price
Live Events Any Event
Leap Ahead (3 Days) 2 Seats $2950
Write Your Book in One Weekend (Two Days) 1 Seat $5999
Mastermind Group (Two Meetings – Two Days Each) 2 Seats $9000
Video Marketing (Digital) 2 Seats $2950
Live Webinars
Developing Your Sales Process $2000
Private Coaching 12 – 1/2 Hour Sessions $500
Podcast Access All Access $149
Recommend Retail Products with PRIDE $149
Reception and Profits $149
Event Planning $149
Performance Based Compensation Model $149
Financial Structure and Budgeting $149
Structure and Goals $149
Time management $149
Hiring with CLARITY $149
Build Your Spa Client List $149
Website Working For You $149
Expert Interview $149
Department Manuals All Access
Increase Retail with P.R.I.D.E $250
Guest Consultation $250
Orientation and Position Descriptions $250
Reception and Profits $250
Team Building $250
Support Team $150
Marketing Plan $250
Business Plan $250
Therapist Manual $350
CoachMe Gold Series All Access
Spa Management Essentials Volume I $1188
Spa Management Essentials Volume II $1188
Spa Management Essentials Volume III $1188
Reinvent Your Business Volume I $1188
Reinvent Your Business Volume II $1188
Genius Marketing and Sales I $1188
Genius Marketing and Sales Volume II $1188
Soaring Ahead $1188
Spa Globally Listing Featured Page $948
Private Webinars
One Hour Online Training 3 Webinars $1500
A La Carte Price
Monthly Membership (12 Months Commitment) $1,295
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