Focus on Referrals, Retention, Reactivation and Grow your Spa Business

Focusing on the 3 RRR’s


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Spa Marketing Plan
Spa Marketing Plan


Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to increase revenue and enhancing spa performance, how about you? Are you looking for ways to boost your spa business?You can! by focusing on the RRR’s.What are the 3 RRR’s?






We can spend all day talking about the 3 RRR’s but let me give you few strategies that you can apply immediately that will positively impact your business.

1.Referrals:I don’t know if you are a spa business owner, solo preneur or a doctor reading this but no matter what your position is you need to focus on generating referrals. Did you know you can double your business if everyone of your clients simply referred one person? Need I say more about how important focusing on referral is? Go ahead Launch a referral campaign and gain new clients.

I was getting my coffee the other day and there was a long line, so I started talking to the person behind me and it tuned out that she was a hairstylist and worked in a spa/salon.So I asked how it was going and she started whining about how slow it was.Behind us two more ladies who joined the conversation.Instead of whining all she had to say “we are doing great and we stay very busy… here is my card if you or someone else you know is looking for a hairstylist I have a couple of opening in my schedule would love to help”.That’s self-promotion and referring people to your business. So please don’t tell people you are slow, or whine.That’s not good for you or the industry.Focus on the positive there are many people that could use your services and your products focus on asking for referrals and watch your capacity grow.

2.Retention:When I ask spa leaders what is your spa/salon retention rate? many guestimate at the answer or don’t know at all.How about you? Do you know your retention rate?I hope so…Retention is a direct reflection to the type of experience you deliver.If you deliver a great experience people will come back, if you deliver an indifferent experience they won’t come back it’s that simple.How good is your experience?I was a secret shopper last week and I had a one handed massage, have you had one of those?It’s terrible… Will I go back to that spa? NOT.Assess your experience and track your retention rate.Gather a focus group, survey your clients, put in place effective guest feedback forms and look closely at your retention rate.

3.Reactivation:have you reached out to bring guest back that you have not seen in a while?You need to launch a Reactivation Campaign.Go ahead dig deep and gather a list of all the people who have not visited your spa in a while and invite them back.Or reach out and find out why they haven’t been back, or host a reunion event.There are so many things you can do to bring defectors back.Hold a team meeting and brainstorm with them and create your reactivation campaign.This will benefit everyone one on the team and help increase your spa revenue.

Talk about the RRR’s with your spa team and come up with a plan of action.

Leave your comment or your 3 RRRs we would love to hear from you.


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