Five Easy Steps on How to Conduct a Spa Tour


Do you give tours in your spa? I hope you do — it’s a great marketing strategy! When you present your spa properly, people are more likely to make reservations.

You want to make sure you’re selling, rather than telling. Telling would be saying, “This is our facial room, this is our massage room.” Selling is saying, “In our facial suite, you can experience all types of facials, from anti-aging to corrective Microdermabrasion.” Focus on the treatment and experience, not the room! In this article, discover 5 easy steps on how to conduct a spa tour that will result in a reservation.

  1. Greeting Guests
  2. Introduction -Mini Commercial
  3. Menu
  4. The Tour
  5. Asking for the Reservation

1. Greeting Guests
A welcome with a big smile always makes a great first impression. It sets a friendly tone for the spa tour. Instead of saying, “May I help you?” consider, “Are you here for your experience or to reserve one?”

2. Introduction – Mini Commercial
Introduce yourself and the spa. Do you have a mini commercial? This strategy is detailed in the Reception and Profit CD. Here is an example for you: While in the reception area of your spa, you can say…

  • This is a full-service spa, rated as one of the top spas in the area. We feature all-natural, holistic treatments and products.
  • A vast selection of experiences are designed to address skincare concerns for face, body, hands and feet.
  • Guests who frequent the spa experience the ultimate de-stressing rituals combined with result-driven treatments.

3. Menu
When presenting your menu, try saying something like, “Here is the menu. In it, you will find a variety of treatments. Allow me to show you the spa.”

4. The Tour
Your tour should be conducted in the same way your guests would experience the spa. Make your tour tells a story. It’s a good idea to provide a script with your tour, so that everyone gets the same tour experience.

5. Asking for the Reservation
Now that you have toured the spa and presented your spa experiences, it is time to ask your guest, “What type of treatments would you like to experience?” Recommend something, like, “Let me share with you the most popular package.” It should include at least two treatments. Always think packages! You need to ask for the reservation. We have to ask, and when we ask, we receive! But often the problem is that we simply don’t ask!

Follow this structure and you will give great tours that will entice your guests to make the reservation!


If you need help with marketing in your spa, check out Spa Marketing for Success Volume I. You will learn how to turn leads into clients, improve your marketing skills, increase your sales and more!

Do you offer tours in your spa? Why or why not? Share your experiences in the comments!

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