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We have a great month coming your way!  I will be speaking at the Esthetic Medical Show in Vegas and we have a great CoachMe Gold Module about Implementing Effective Sales Processes to Maximize Revenue!

As you know, I am big on having systems and processes.  Every business must have a Sales Process!  Read the Featured Article and Discover 4 Key Sales Strategies to Grow Your Spa Business. Read more


Do you customize treatments when a guest asks for something that is not on your menu?  Or are you so black and white, you say “no”?  Watch the video below to see what happened to me while visiting a spa recently.  This month’s Dori Recommends is about you fulfilling your guests’ needs, even if what they ask for may not be exactly what is says on the spa menu.  Read more


How would you rate your spa team performance?  Read the Bright Idea and discover easy ways spa leaders can conduct business training to build a dream team.



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CMG Genius Marketing and Sales

Topic: Implement an Effective Sales Process

Date: July 5th

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CoachMe Expert

Expert Guest: Heather Smith

Making Money with Eyelash Extensions

Date:  July 26th, 3pm Eastern

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Esthetic Medical Show – Las Vegas, NV

Date: July 8th – 11th 


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Orlando FL
August 29th – 31st
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4 Steps to Implementing an Effective Sales Process


Your business must have a sales process.  Let’s start by defining what a sales process is and what steps it should contain.  A sales process is about generating leads for your spa and then converting them into spa clients.  


Your sales process should include the following 4 steps:

1. Include a Strategy to Generate Qualified Spa Leads and/or Prospects.


A focus on generating leads is often a missing strategy.  I often ask this question during the Leap Ahead Seminar: “What is your lead generation strategy?”  Most spa owners don’t have a solid answer.  The first step of your sales process is to know how many leads you need to generate per month and how many of those you can convert into first-time visitors.  You must know these numbers.


How Do You Generate Spa Leads?

You can generate leads/prospects from your website by having Opt-In opportunities such as: register to win, subscribe to spa newsletter, ask an expert, receive a complimentary gift card, etc.  These are all ways to bribe your visitors into giving you their information.  You can also generate leads by participating in business-to-business events, going to a trade show or doing a Facebook campaign, etc.  There are many ways to generate leads economically – the important thing is to do it.  Set a goal as to how many leads you need to generate and implement strategies to help you reach that goal.  Generating leads is half the battle. Once you obtain the leads, you must implement step two of the sales process.


2. Begin Building Relationships and Trust with New Leads.

The second step is to build trust.  We want to show the new lead that we can help them look and feel better; that we can offer value, advice, education on health, wellness and beauty.  How can we accomplish building trust? 


You can set up an automated relationship-building sequence consisting of emails, direct mail, phone calls, invitations and more.


3. Convert Leads into First-Time Visitors and Clients.

One way to convert a lead into a client is to invite them in for a spa tour, a consultation and a trial.  You can offer them a trial gift card which they can redeem toward one of your treatments. 


This first visit is very important.  Your team needs to pay very close attention to the details and they need to know this is a first-time visitor.  You need to “wow” them! Make a great impression and conduct a great consultation.

Watch the video and improve your spa’s sales process!

4. Convert First-Time Clients Into  Lifetime Clients.


The Success with Guest Consultation CD should lead to creating a customized program to help them reach the results they are looking for.  It should lead to multiple future appointments.  Once they complete their program, then you can present a membership program to help them maintain their results.


Setting up a sales process for your spa will help you become much more aware of what needs to be done for you to reach a higher level of success!  I encourage you to evaluate your current sales process and improve it by implementing the 4 steps outlined in this article.


Need help creating your sales process?  Call us or write us, we will create a great sales funnel for your spa business!


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Easy Ways to Offer Spa Business Training for Your Team

How would you rate your spa team performance?  For a team to be most productive, they require training – but not only technical training, they need business training.  They need to know how to market themselves, how to cross-promote, how to recommend retail and generate revenue for themselves and the spa.


Okay great, that’s fine and dandy, but who has the time to create training material? 


We do!


Check out the Spa Management Essential Series and build your spa’s dream team.  I recommend that you start with the following series:


Increasing your Team’s and the Spa’s Income


Is Your Spa Team Armed with Ways to be More Successful?
There’s always a way to increase the revenue of your spa and, in turn, your team.  Listen to this module to gain insight on how your team can be more productive by understanding their obligations, calculating capacity, assessing current productivity, calculating income potential and different techniques to increase their income.  They will learn how to promote memberships, recommend home care products and how to increase retention and referrals. Teach the team these skills and you will have a much more productive and motivated team!


Try it and see how easy it is to build a dream team!



$795 or 3 easy payments of $265!


CoachMe Expert Interview


Making Money with Eyelash Extensions

July 26th at 3pm, Eastern



Dori’s guest this month is Heather Smith –  founder and CEO of Details Day Spa




Join us and learn how to Make Money with Eyelash Extensions


  • Skills and training needed
  • Where to find talent
  • Pricing your lashes new and refill
  • launch a membership program
  • Retail opportunities with lashes
  • Upgrade opportunities with lashes


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Fulfilling Your Clients’ Needs

Do you customize treatments when a guest asks for something that is not on your spa menu?  Or are you so black and white, you say “no”?  Watch this video to see what happened to me while visiting a spa recently.

How flexible is your spa team?  What happened to me should not happen to your clients.  I asked for a very simple treatment and did not get it.  Instead of giving me a “wow” experience, it was okay. Why?  Because the massage therapist did not want to sit in the pedicure area to give me a foot soak and massage.


Teach your team flexibility!  They need to step outside their comfort zone and satisfy your clients.  My recommendation is to track your retention rate and if it’s not at least 65% or 70%, it’s time to send in a secret shopper to see what is going on in your medi spa or spa.

We also invite you to subscribe to the InSPAration Management YouTube channel.


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