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Dori Talks: Become the Authority & Get Wealthy!

How to Develop Successful Habits Leading to 10X your Med Spa 2021!

Some medspas and spas had a difficult year while some maintained and some even experienced growth. Why is that? Why do some fail and some succeed? It has to do with the entrepreneur’s habits and focus. In this Dori Talks episode, we will explore … Read More

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Dori Talks: Become the Authority & Get Wealthy!

Become the Authority & Get Wealthy!

The one thing that drives me crazy about most medical professionals and business owners is that they work too hard. There are two ways to make money and get wealthy:

  • Charge very little for what you do and try to get many clients to make ends meet
  • Charge a lot, have less clients, work less, and get wealthy

If you want the second option, watch the Dori Talks episode and see how you can accomplish that and live the life you deserve!

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Dori Talks: 10 Things That Are Blocking Your Success

Unblock 10 Obstacles That Could Be Blocking Your Success and How to Avoid Them!

People sometimes get stuck and get paralyzed by fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, and much more… Watch this episode and see what is blocking your success!

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Dori Talks: Why Some Medical Spa Businesses Fail & Some Succeed

Why Some Medical Spa Businesses Fail & Some Succeed

Why some medical spas and spas succeed while some fail, and what you can do to make sure you are in the top 5% of successful businesses?

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