Here we are with the last post from our series of Copywriting That Sells! In the last post, we went over the second set of steps that you need in order to craft effective copywriting. We covered the significance of relaying treatment results and calling your readers to action. Now it’s time for the last set of tips you’ll need in order to make your copywriting appear professional, persuasive, and fulfilling! shutterstock_46299631 7. Guarantee Make it risk free. Guarantees increase action. Don’t hesitate to guarantee your spa services and products…it shows you believe in what your spa has to offer! 8. Urgency Limit availability of the offer (Limited time offer, for the first 20 callers only, call us today, while supplies last!, mention this ad to receive X amount off, etc.) 9. Measuring Effectiveness Track your performance. Split your offers and see which ad draws more response. Have your receptionist/reservationist ask callers how they heard about your spa the promotions. You can offer different discounts, run different treatment promotions on your Website versus your direct mail or even your on-hold phone message. I cannot stress this enough! If you don’t track your efforts, you are wasting your time and money! And that’s it for tips on copywriting that sells! As long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to create copywriting and advertisements that are sure to attracts guests from everywhere. Now that you have the proper tools you need, go try it out and watch your success heighten! Are you good at writing, but lacking in the creativity department for your spa e-zine? Not to fear! With InSPAration Management’s Ready To Go e-news, you won’t have to create new content each month. This program provides you with two new articles and promotion content each month that you incorporate into your newsletter. That way, you’re free to copy, paste, and go on about running your business while you’re providing guests and clients with fresh material each month. Check it out!   How did you like InSPAration Management‘s series on copywriting? Was it helpful to you and/or your team? Let us know! Send us a comment or question below– we love any kind of feedback!