Begin building relationships and trust with new leads

Last time, we discussed the first step to implement an Effective Sales Process. That was generating leads for your spa and then converting them into spa clients.

The second step is to build trust. We want to show the new lead that we can help them look and feel better; that we can offer value, advice, education on health, wellness and beauty.

Relating it to real life

Trust is something so important in everyday life. In families, trust strengthens relationships. Sadly, it also destroys them. In the working world, trust in your employees helps make your business run smoother. This leads to happy clients. And in the sports world, coaches who trust in their players discover the power of team unity and better results.

How can we accomplish building trust?

You can set up an automated relationship-building sequence consisting of emails, direct mail, phone calls, invitations and more.
We invite you to read more about how to build your spa list and grow your business here

Next time, we’ll discuss the third step of converting leads into first-time visitors and clients.

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