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November is the month to show thanks and appreciation.  We thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to help you grow your Spa and Medi Spa business. Building InSPAration Management would be impossible without you!  As a thank you, we are inviting you to download my new book, 20 Strategies to Grow Your Business.


In this issue, I am focusing on Business 2 Business relations to help you grow your business. I love B2B relations. They are a great way to generate many qualified spa leads very quickly. 

InSPAration Management practices B2B relations all the time.  We do it by partnering with spa vendors on webinars, speaking at tradeshows, attending events, etc. Sometimes they work out great and sometimes just ok. The important thing to remember is to keep doing them!  In the Featured Article read about a B2B situation that did not work out according to plan, but we managed to save it because I had a parachute.  When going after Business 2 Business relations, you should always have a Read more


In the Bright Idea, discover and implement a quick tip on how to generate more qualified spa leads by hosting… Read more


This time of the year is a good time to assess where you are and start setting some new goals for next year. How would you rate your business? Take a Business Assessment and find out. Then, go to the Dori Recommends and listen to “It’s Time to Leap!  If you are serious about experiencing exponential growth, you need to…Read more.


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B2B Relations and Generating Leads


I was invited to speak at a show in Atlanta last month. This was a show that I spoke at many years ago and my assistant committed me without ironing out some important details.  I decided to honor the commitment and go.


My lecture was about Economical Marketing Strategies and one of the main points in my lecture was about how to generate leads.  I wanted to show everyone how to make enticing offers so consumers can opt-in, get their information and start a relationship to help build your list.

I got there early and my lecture was the first lecture of the day.  I found my classroom and put a brochure and a registration form out for people to register so I could do a drawing at the end of my talk.  I was ready.  I left the room for few minutes. When I came back, all the brochures and registration forms were removed from the tables.  I was surprised as to why someone would do that. 


Shortly after, the show organizer came over and said to me, “Oh, you can’t pass out your brochures, you can’t give out registration forms and you can’t collect attendees’ information.


So I said to her, “I would like to do a drawing at the end and give out some of my books and CDs, the way we do that is by having them fill out a form.  You don’t want me to give away prizes?”  Her response to me was “You can, but you can’t use the registration forms, you have to turn them back to us.”  Needless to say, I was surprised!


I speak all over the world and the reason I speak is to give value and help the people who come to see us.  I have to tell you this was the first time I ever came across a show director who refused to help their attendees!


I traveled to Atlanta, took a day out of my busy schedule to help their attendees generate leads and she was potentially putting a damper on my plans and goals.  When you enter in Business 2 Business relations, it has to be good for everyone involved.  This was not the case here…


The show director objected to passing out my brochure to tell people about spa business tools to improve their business.  She did not see the value I offer with educational tools. She was closed minded to the entire concept of sharing solutions to help attendees.  The only thing the show producer cared about was that I did not use my forms. She cheated all her attendees of important, valuable information to help them grow their business.  Frankly, I was in shock! 


She told me that if I had read my contract, I would have known that I couldn’t use my forms to collect information.  I speak all over the world and have never had this problem before. So my question to you is, how do you recover from an obstacle?  Do you have a parachute to catch you when you make a mistake or come across people who don’t share your vision?


I do!  I always have a parachute. My parachute was a slide during my presentation that offered attendees 3 gifts. All I had to do was send them to a landing page.  So I gave an example of a landing page which was part of my presentation. 


I informed everyone to go to InSPArationManagement.com/freegifts to claim their gifts.  Of course to claim the gifts, they have to opt-in and give their information.


So in spite of the situation, I was able to accomplish my goals with my parachute, and generate leads to continue helping the attendees who came to see me at the show.




My lesson to you and me is not only should you have a parachute, but you should also make sure your expectations are clearly defined before you commit to a joint venture. Don’t assume.  My classroom was filled with people who loved what I had to say.


They wrote in their reviews that I should have had the whole day, that I should have been the keynote speaker. They loved me and everything I shared with them! 


So what can you do in case you come across an obstacle or people who don’t understand your goals or share your vision? 


You should always be prepared with a parachute, a backup plan and clear expectations. 


Note:  Don’t ever let someone rain on your parade!



Business 2 Business Events

Want to generate more traffic to your Medi Spa or Spa?

Host events with other businesses who cater to the same target market as you.


I had a new client last week on a CoachMe Private Coaching Session.  Michelle seemed very smart. She sounded savvy with marketing, but she is only operating her spa at about 20% capacity.


So asked her what type of marketing strategies she was using. 


She said, “I do social media, comment on them, ask other businesses to mention me and I mention them…”


She was trying, but was coming up short.  So I gave her the following advice:


Approach businesses near you with the idea of co-hosting a special event.  Then, create an event invitation. Send the invitation to your clients and have your co-host send the invitation to their clients. Make sure to have a good call to action to entice them to op-in. Give them a reason to do it by giving them an offer, such as, Receive a gift card with a RSVP.


The offer: Receive a complimentary gift bag! Or receive a $20 gift card!  Register now.  This will entice them to opt-in.  Once they opt-in, both you and your co-host share the leads.  This is a great joint venture you can participate in.  Co-hosting events is a very effective way to generate new clients and strengthen Business 2 Business relations.


Complementary businesses to consider:

  • Fitness
  • Florist
  • Caterer
  • Physician
  • High end clothing store
  • Ballet school
  • Country club
  • Weight loss center


The point here is to start!  Reach out to members of the business community and start building relationships!!


Need help? Check out this month’s CoachMe Genius: Marketing and Sales!

CoachMe Expert Interview


“Legal Mistakes to Avoid with Your Medi Spa or Day Spa”


November 29th at 3pm Eastern


Alex R. Thiersch, J.D., is a Chicago healthcare attorney who represents medical spas, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic medical professionals.


He is the founder and director of the American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), which was created for the express purpose of providing comprehensive, relevant and timely legal and business resources for medical spas and medical aesthetic physicians throughout the United States.



If You:

  • Are adding Medi Spa treatments to your Day Spa
  • Have a Medi Spa but are unsure if you are crossing the legal line
  • Are thinking about venturing into the Medi Spa business
  • Want to discover the latest laws regarding Medi Spas 

Alex R. Thiersch, J.D. Founder and director of the American Med Spa Association



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