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The Wellness Movement

The wellness movement is on! Are you part of it? More than $3.72 trillion was generated in wellness globally in 2015. The Global Wellness Report indicated this amount was spent on: beauty and anti-aging…

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5 steps to generating revenue through guest consultation

The “GUEST” is the most essential component to the success of any spa business. The way we take care of our guests while they are in the spa is what…

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Success Strategies

How happy were you with your business results last year? As we enter a new year, many people are making new goals and resolutions with the hope that this year will be better than last year. Here are a few…

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6 Steps to a Profitable Acne Program

Acne is one of the biggest missed opportunities within the spa industry. This potentially huge revenue stream is rarely explored in spas. On most spa menus…

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From Solopreneur to Entrepreneur!

Spa owner Kim Knapp began her journey as a solopreneur, and quick­ ly began building her business and her team to become a true entrepreneur. She now has a beautiful 3,000 square foot spa…

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Positioning New Employees for Success!

As a spa leader, it is your responsibility to position your new employee for success. That takes time, effort and business tools. This article explains…

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