Are you familiar with the term “Price Elasticity”?

Watch this episode of SpaBizTV to learn how to stop discounting your spa treatments and products and learn how to use Price Elasticity so you can charge more and make more money!

In this video, you will hear a great analogy to describe Price Elasticity! Many spa professionals are playing the price war games. The facts are: It’s not about the price – it’s about the spa guest experience, the value, the status and the emotional satisfaction.

Stop focusing on price and begin delivering a “wow” spa guest experience!

When you deliver a great medi spa or spa experience, you will be able to stretch the price and make it higher.

You need to get real… many spas and medi spas offer the same treatments. You can get Coolsculpting, laser hair removal and facials at every corner.

So why would someone choose you over the competition? It should be “the experience, the expense and the skills”.

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