A United Team = Spa Success

Are you a basketball fan?  I am!  Especially now at playoff time and guess what? My team, the Orlando Magic, is still undefeated heading into the 3rd round!  The other night, I was watching the Celtics and Cavaliers play. Of course, everyone thought Cleveland will win because of Lebron James, one of the best players in the NBA.  But as you might know, they were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics.  It got me thinking about how important it is to play the game as a team and not to rely on one person to carry the team. 


You see, Cleveland was counting on one man to win the game, “Lebron James.” But one player cannot win a game. It takes everyone on the team to step up to win.  It takes a united team and several focused players on the team to win it all.  The more talent and united your team is, the better your chances are to win championships.  That’s why the Orlando Magic are doing so well. It’s not only because they have a good team, but it’s because they also have a great coach.  Those are the two main ingredients for success in sports and to succeed in business.


Let’s talk a little about your business. Who is the head coach? And who do you have on your team? 


Do you have super star Sally or do you have negative Nancy. Do you have gossip Gaby, or jolly Julie?

Is your team ready to play the game every day?  Are they making sure their clients keep coming back or do they just go through the motions…with no passion for winning or for being the best!


It takes time and a lot of effort to build a team. It’s not going to happen overnight either.  

Here are 5 Strategies for Building and Maintaining a Successful Spa Team:


1.       Spa Recruiting

This is one area most spa leaders are not proactively doing. They wait for people to come and see them.  Wrong!!!  You need to search for spa talent and recruit them!


2.       Spa Position offer

Make the spa position offer a big deal. Be prepared and professional.  Have everything in writing and share it with the new recruit as a presentation.  This will show them how serious you are and how much you value the position.


3.       Spa Training

Set up your spa recruit for success, not failure.  Spend time on spa training and spa coaching.  Even the best players have coaches. Don’t assume because they are experienced they don’t need spa training and coaching.  I am talking about spa business training not only technical training.


4.       Set Expectations

Setting spa expectations is one of the most important functions of the team.  Can you imagine playing a game without keeping score? What’s the point if we don’t even know the score?


5.       Measurement

Measure each individual’s spa performance frequently, not just once a quarter. Every day, every week, and every month, make it count! Take a look at how many stars are on your team and realize who you need to recruit to strengthen your spa team.  How strong do you want your spa team to be?  Go to work! Coach and train. If you don’t have time or need help, call us! That’s why companies like InSPAration Management exist.  We’ll be happy to help you!


I just did a webinar last week that was sponsored by Pevonia and hosted by Spatrade. It’s online and it’s free. The name of the webinar is Spa PROFIT DRIVEN MOMENTUM.  I took 2 Strategies from the InSPAration Management Business Spa CD Library and shared it with the group.  We had hundreds of people from all over world participate.  Listen to Profit Driven Momentum. It will give you an idea of what our spa tools are all about and how they can improve your business.  Put them to use and build a strong spa business and an even stronger team!!

Build Your Spa Business Success Library today!

Go Magic!

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