A Unique Korean Spa Experience. In Texas?

While visiting Myong Chong, the President and CEO of Hanna Isul Skin Care and Medi Spa in Fort Worth, Texas, she invited me and another friend to experience a Korean spa in Dallas.

Have you experienced a Korean Spa?  Even though I was in Korea last year, I did not have an authentic Korean experience.  Go figure…  a Korean spa in Texas!  All I can say is, WOW what an experience it was! 

The name of the spa was King’s Spa & Sauna.  It was a huge stand alone building.  We walked into the reception area, registered , then picked up our special clothe, a t-shirt , a pair of shorts and off to the locker room we went.   We changed and began our adventure.  We were all hungry, so we decided to start with a Korean meal in their restaurant. We had a healthy seaweed soup and carrot juice.  Then, off from room to room we went.  They had:

1.       The Ice room

2.        The Aroma Therapy room

3.       The Tea room

4.       The Salt room

5.       Charcoal room

6.       The Amethyst room

7.       Base Rock room

8.       Yellow Soil Crystal room

9.       Pyramid room

10.   Bul Ga Ma

11.   Oxygen room

12.   The Spa Water Circuit

13.   Steam

I have traveled the world, but I have never seen a spa like this one! It was very unique and full of surprises.  In addition to all the rooms, in the middle of the facility we came across this huge theater with oversized couches to sit back and watch sports or a movie, a children’s center, I was amazed at the options!

You can spend hours just going from room to room.  Then it was time for our body treatment. Myong had reserved for all of us body scrubs and massages Korean style.  I had no idea what I was in for.  It started by her telling us we need to take off our t-shirt and shorts to go into the wet circuit area.  Rosemary and I looked at each other. Ok, where is the robe?  No robe, how about a towel?  The only towels they had were small hand towels. Even me, a size zero, could not use it to wrap around.  So we basically had to strip down and walk around in our birthday suit.  I am a shy person, so this was a very interesting thing for me to do… There we were, laughing so hard trying to cover our bodies with these tiny towels! 

When we entered the wet area, they asked us to take a shower, then go to meet our therapists.   We were asked to lay on the wet table and the therapist began to scrub us down with loofahs.  You think you are clean until someone scrubs you in that manner!  This went on for what it seemed like an hour. Then, they asked us to take another shower.  Came back to the table again and they began a hot towel massage.  They actually got on top of you and massaged away… It was a little rough at times.  They began applying oil and massaging more… With a lot of oil on, I was slipping and sliding. At times, I thought I was as going to fly off the table!  I looked at Myong and asked her please to tell the therapist to take it easy on me while laughing so hard!  You see, the therapists were all Korean and did not speak English.

Then, they took a fresh cucumber, graded it, and applied it on my face.  It was so cold that it almost sent me into a shock… all while continuing to massage us even more! They ended it by asking us to take another shower.  I have to say it was fun, filled with many surprises and we were definitely clean!  It was a WOW…  Not your typical spa experience at all! 

When Myong gave an overview of the spa before we went through, it sounded a lot like a Turkish Hammam (which I have experienced several times in Turkey).  But this was totally different!  I think everyone in the spa industry should experience this Korean spa!  They have two locations: one in Dallas and one in Chicago.  If you would like to see the pictures of this amazing facility, visit www.kingspa.com

Thank you Myong for introducing me this amazing and fun spa!


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