7 Steps to Your Spa’s Holiday Success!



Holidays already? Yes! If you don’t start planning now, you won’t be able to maximize on your true potential and have something to cheer about!

Mapping Out Your Spa Holiday Strategy
You know the saying, “People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.” It’s true! That is why I want you to block some time in your calendar to begin planning your spa holiday success!

Take a look at what you did in the past, what was very successful for you, and try to do it even better. Your spa plan should include:

1. Setting Your Performance Goals
Without definite goals and a plan, you will only be wishing that you are successful. Run your reports for the last quarter of the previous year and set new goals! Your goals should be detailed by category…spa service, retail, gift cards, memberships, etc. Get excited and set big goals!

2. Prepare Your Marketing Material

To properly market the holiday season, you will need effective spa marketing materials. Create posters, banners, flyers, postcards, update your spa’s website, prepare your email blast, social media posts, etc.As you see, you have a lot to do. Make sure your marketing materials portray a professional image and contain an effective call to action to entice your consumers to buy what you are offering. It is a lot of material to create, but remember, you don’t have to do all this yourself. We have a design team that will help you! Check out www.DoneForMeSpaMarketing.com!



3. Identify Which Promotions You Will Offer
Make sure you select and offer great spa holiday promotions. Buy some fun holiday products! Go beyond just offering skin care. (Remember, order in advance.) Create a display of all the promotions and have some gift wrapped and ready to go, just like they do at the department stores. Feature and highlight your promotions both online and in the spa. Make a big deal out of them! If you create excitement for your clients, they will buy!


4. Plan a Spa Holiday Event

This is a must! A spa event gives you the ability to generate thousands in gift card sales. If your events have not generated revenue for you in the past, get your hands on the CD called Success with Event Planning and apply what I teach in it. You will make thousands of dollars on your next event!


5. Prepare and Train the Team
The team plays a key role in your success. Make sure you host team meetings andtrain your team on what they need to do for everyone to succeed! Set goals for each team member and get them excited about the opportunities they have during the last quarter of the year.

6. Decorate the Spa
This is fun and very important to do. You want to put your clients in the holiday spirit. When people see the decorations and all the festivity within your spa, they will be motivated to purchase! You may also want your receptionist to wear something festive. Make it fun!

7. Measure and Evaluate
Don’t wait until the end of the year to measure. You need to measure each day to determine if you are on target. If you are not meeting your goals, you need to take a timeout and recognize what you need to adjust. Maybe train a little more, motivate the team, give team incentives, or recognize them if they are doing great!

Implement these 7 steps and you will be saying Ho, Ho, Ho, all the way to the bank!

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