6 steps to a profitable spa acne program

ACNE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST missed opportunities within the spa industry. This potentially huge revenue stream is rarely explored in spas. On most spa menus, you will find a deep cleansing facial or teen facial, which is typically positioned as one à la carte treatment. The problem is that acne cannot be solved with one treatment. To clear up acne, the client must participate in an acne program that lasts many months in order to achieve and maintain the results they are looking for. This article shares six steps, which explain how to develop, position and market your acne program to increase guest satisfaction and generate more spa revenue.

1. Identify your acne program’s target market
The largest segment of spa industry clientele is women between the ages of 40 and 60. Many of these women have children in their teens. This is a huge target market that is often missed. The mothers, who are your current clients, already like and trust you. They have children with skin problems that you can help. Identify these clients who have teenage children by doing a “getting to know you” survey. This provides a list of target clients to whom you can market your teen acne program.

2. Develop your acne program
Identify which equipment, result-driven products and usage frequency is necessary for participants of your acne program. Spas that have implemented acne programs have found that the pro- grams work best when the teen visits the spa twice per month. In addition to the spa visit, they will need to adhere to a home care regimen, which should be part of your program. Keep in mind that this is not a “turn down the lights” type of experience. It is a clinical, result driven program. The price must be reasonable in order for parents to want to invest in a monthly program for their children. Depending on the location of your business, you can charge anywhere from $99 to $149 per month. This amount is automatically charged to a credit card on a monthly basis.

3. Create your marketing material
Now that you have developed your program, you need to create your marketing material. It requires preparation to properly launch a new treatment and/or products. You need a flyer, email blast, posters, buttons, website update and postings on social me- dia. Come up with a name for the program and an entire marketing strategy to grab your clients’ attention. Entice them to learn more and sign up for your acne program.

Set a target goal for the number of members you would like to achieve, and make sure you are doing all the spa marketing necessary to reach your goal.

4.Train your spa team in technology and salesThe success of your acne program lies in the hands of your team. They must be very skilled at performing acne treatments, and they should be able to promote them. Have them wear buttons that say: “Want clear skin? Ask us how!” This invites a conversation, allowing team members to discuss the program and sign clients up. You may want to offer a team bonus based on the number of programs sold.

5. Launch your acne program

Once you have all marketing material, treatment protocols, products and your system set up, you are ready to launch. You can begin promoting through your marketing mix, and also by hosting an event to introduce your acne program.

Your spa event should be fun and educational. The tagline can be something like this: “Bring your teen and their friends to discover how to have blemish free skin.” An event like this is a great opportunity to explain the program and get people registered.

6. Measure results and refine your plan

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Secrets to Successful Spa Event Planning

Measuring results ensures your program’s success. It is wise to document progress and obtain testimonials from the results you were able to achieve. You will be able to use the positive testimonials to help promote the program on an ongoing basis. The other important fact to measure is your member count. How many people do you want in your pro- gram? Fifty? One-hundred? More? Set a target goal for the number of members you would like to reach, and make sure you are doing all the marketing necessary to reach your goal.

If you are looking for ways to boost your income in 2013, implementing an acne program or other programs targeted to specific skin conditions can increase client satisfaction and retention, ultimately boosting your revenue!

Take a cue from Beth Pestotnik, CEO of Skin Essentials. She launched her acne program six months ago, and she now has more than 75 members paying $95 per month. That’s more than $7,500 of guaranteed income per month from the program alone!

Get rid of the à la carte mentality refocus your attention on targeted programs and have your best year yet!

This article was in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa • February 2013


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