4 Steps to Market Your Spa/Medi Business with Gift Cards





Happy August!


This has been a very busy summer for us!  Between speaking at spa trade shows, seminars, and onsite visits with spa clients, I am in need of a vacation.  How about you, have you had your vacation?


 My family and I will be going on vacation soon. We are super excited!  Planning to go to the Caribbean and just relax.  Even though I will be gone part of the month, I still prepared some great things for you in this month’s newsletter.

We start this month by hosting the CoachMe Platinum group!  We are excited about this meeting. One of things we are going to do is have videographers filming interviews for all of them to feature on their sites and much more.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite meetings to host.  I love being around professionals who are movers and shakers in the spa industry. 


Then on August 2nd, we have a great CoachMe Gold module.  This month, I will be sharing with members How to Market their Business Using Gift Cards.  Check out the Featured Article to get a sneak peek.  Want to join us? Read more


On August 23rd, I have a special guest joining me for the CoachMe Expert interview to discuss the ins and outs of implementing a wellness program.  Dr. Linda Nelson, Founder and CEO of M’lis, author and entrepreneur will be sharing all sorts of strategies to help you expand your menu and implement a new revenue stream. Read the Bright Idea and learn more


Then, last but not least, we want to congratulate all the spa and medi spa professionals who are joining us for the Leap Ahead seminar on August 29-30.  Read Dori Recommends and see who we are teaming up with for a West Coast Leap Ahead!


Wow! That is a lot!  So you see, I am not slacking!  Enjoy August and keep implementing effective spa strategies so you can keep growing!


Happy August


Dori and Team




Coach Me!Platinum

Topic: Strategies to Improve Positioning and Exposure

Date: August 1st and 2nd


CMG Genius Marketing and Sales

Topic: How to Market Your Business Using Gift Cards

Date: August 2nd

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CoachMe Expert

Expert Guest: Dr. Linda Nelson, Founder and CEO of M’lis

Date:  August 23rd, 3pm Eastern

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Esthetic Medical Show – Las Vegas, NV

Date: July 8th – 11th 


Leap Ahead Seminar

Orlando FL
August 29th – 31st
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Orlando FL
October 17th – 19th

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Torrance, CA
With Universal Companies
October 10th – 12th

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4 Steps to Market Your Spa/Medi Business with Gift Cards


Everyone loves getting gift cards.  A recent study showed that over $100 billion is spent on gift cards. 93% of U.S. consumers purchase or receive gift cards.  You can’t go to a store now and not see gift card racks. We love receiving them and giving them. In this article, you’ll discover how to market your business using gift cards to help increase traffic to your spa and generate more revenue. 


To implement the strategies from this article, you need to have gift cards available for sale.   If you are still using gift certificates, you really should stop. It is a tracking nightmare.  It’s much better to offer spa gift cards, so they can be tracked with your software program such as MDware or Spaware.


Ok, let’s assume you have spa gift cards. How can you use them to market your business?

1. Gift Cards to Generate Referrals


A spa gift card is a great tool to give to your existing loyal clients to pass on to a friend who has NOT been to your spa before. This will make the friend look good giving their friend a gift card. It provides you with opportunities to gain a new client that you can turn into a repeat client.



 2. Gift Card Trial Offered from Your Website


Online spa marketing is key to your business success.  Offering a trial gift from your spa website home page is a great way to entice visitors to opt-in, engage and capture their information.  Once they opt-in for the trial gift card, make sure to have some automated emails that will go out encouraging them to reserve spa or medi spa treatments.  Also, make sure your receptionists or call center reaches out to them to redeem the gift card.

3. Gift Card Donations


Most spas get contacted to give donations to a wide range of organizations. Usually, the Spa owner gives away one gift card or certificate per request.  Though that is a good practice, it does not tap into the opportunities you could have.  If a very reputable organization reaches out to you for a donation and they are hosting a big event where attendees are paying a $100 a plate, this becomes a very attractive negotiation, allowing you to tap into many new leads and potential clients.  The strategy is to provide every attendee with a spa gift card.



4. Business 2 Business Partnerships


Another great way to use Gift Cards is to have another business with your target market give them to their clients as a reward for doing business with them. For example, you can reach out to the BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes dealerships and have them give away a gift card to every person who buys a new car.  You can use the same strategy with any high end business near you.


Note:  With every one of these strategies, there are many key steps and details that you will need to take to insure proper implementation.  There is way too much information to cover in this article. So if you want to learn all the tips and tricks of gift card marketing and mistakes to avoid, join us for the next CoachMe Gold Genius Marketing and Sales Module on How to Market Your Business with Spa Gift Cards and Get the Full Success Recipe!


Need help creating spa gift strategies? Call us or write us. We will create all the collateral material needed and help you launch your spa success strategy.


(386) 226-2550




Introduce a Wellness Program in Your Medi Spa or Spa


Wellness programs are gaining popularity. Many consumers are seeking preventative care rather than medical care once they are sick.  According to the Global Summit, the wellness industry is a $3.4 Trillion business. It’s time for the spa industry to gain its share! 


Your consumers are in need of wellness programs.  You can offer to help them. Your wellness menu could include: detoxification, food supplements, essential nutrition, contour body wraps, de-stress programs, essential oils, healthy eating recipes, educational events and coaching to name a few.


If you are looking for ways to launch your wellness program, join me and Dr. Linda Nelson, a pioneer in wellness, to discover the ins and outs of creating a wellness program.


Dr. Nelson is the Founder and CEO of M’lis, an author, speaker and an expert on wellness.


Some of what you will discover:


  • The most popular wellness programs
  • How much training a spa needs to launch a wellness program
  • What products and treatments to offer
  • Revenue potential
  • Marketing your wellness program




CoachMe Expert Interview


“Steps to Launch a Successful Wellness Program”

August 23th at 3pm, Eastern



Dori’s guest this month is Dr. Linda Nelson, Founder and CEO of M’lis


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InSPAration Management and Universal Companies Teaming Up for Education!


As many of you know, we have been hosting the Leap Ahead seminar for years. 100’s of spa professionals have graduated and are enjoying tremendous growth.  Many people have been asking us to do a Leap Ahead in California. You asked and we deliver! 

We are teaming up with Universal Companies to do a Leap Ahead seminar in their training center in California.  So if you are ready to take a BIG LEAP and grow your business exponentially, now is the time to do it.


Universal Companies has always been big advocates of education. They have invited us to help their community and other spa and medi spa professionals by sponsoring the Leap Ahead event on the West Coast.


Click here to learn more and take advantage of some great bonuses when you register early!


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Leap Ahead Seminar


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Journey into Profits
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Are You Still Offering The Same Old Spa Treatments?


Say Goodbye to Pampering!


Be among leading spas and offer wellness programs that will maximize your revenue and profits, while increasing guest satisfaction and retention. Read More



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Start Practicing Authority Marketing


 It’s a fact… having a BOOK gives you:


  • Authority
  • Celebrity Status
  • Expertise in your industry
  • Dramatic differentiation
  • Ability to charge more
  • Demand for what you do


Growing Your Business is easier when you have a Book!  We have a recipe that works. Join us!

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