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Let’s face it: Everyone needs coaching if they are serious about success. Just like in professional sports, team owners pay top dollars for coaches to increase player performance to make it to the playoffs and have a good chance at winning championships. Your spa and medi spa business is the same. It’s essential to participate in a great professional coaching program so you can ensure your success! That is why we created the CoachMe programs.

Become a CoachMe Platinum Member

Business Success Platinum Gold Silver A La Carte Price
Live Events Any Event 2 Events 1 Event
Leap Ahead (3 Days) 2 Seats 2 Seats 1 Seat $2950
Write Your Book in One Weekend (Two Days) 1 Seat 1 Seat $5999
Mastermind Group (Two Meetings – Two Days Each) 2 Seats $9000
Video Marketing (Two Days) 2 Seats $2950
Live Webinars
Developing Your Sales Process $2000
Private Coaching 6 Sessions 3 Sessions
Podcast Access All Access 8 Podcasts 6 Podcasts $149
Recommend Retail Products with PRIDE $149
Reception and Profits $149
Event Planning $149
Performance Based Compensation Model $149
Financial Structure and Budgeting $149
Structure and Goals $149
Time management $149
Hiring with CLARITY $149
Build Your Spa Client List $149
Website Working For You $149
Expert Interview $149
Department Manuals All Access 4 Manuals 2 Manuals
Increase Retail with P.R.I.D.E $250
Guest Consultation $250
Orientation and Position Descriptions $250
Reception and Profits $250
Team Building $250
Support Team $150
Marketing Plan $250
Business Plan $250
Therapist Manual $350
CoachMe Gold Series All Access Choose 4 Choose 2
Spa Management Essentials Volume I $1188
Spa Management Essentials Volume II $1188
Spa Management Essentials Volume III $1188
Reinvent Your Business Volume I $1188
Reinvent Your Business Volume II $1188
Genius Marketing and Sales I $1188
Genius Marketing and Sales Volume II $1188
Financial Freedom $1188
Spa Globally Listing Featured Page $948
Private Webinars
One Hour Online Training 3 Webinars $1000
A La Carte Price $30K + $20K + $10K +
Monthly Membership (12 Months Commitment) $1,295 $999 $499
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