Leap Ahead Proven Blueprint On How To Elevate Your Success

Leap Ahead Spa Leadership Seminar

Course Overview

The InSPAration Management LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar is a 3-day seminar where you will receive a PROVEN blueprint on how to elevate your success. Imagine earning the money you deserve. Think about what it would be like to buy anything you want…when you want…without wondering, “Can I Afford It?” The LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar will take you there. When you claim your ticket and carve those 3 days out of your schedule, we’ll give you easy to implement systems,strategies, and solutions to your challenges.

All you need to do is follow the success recipe to improve team performance and your bottom line! You’ll no longer have to beat your head against the wall trying to figure it all out for yourself. Your days of using the “trial and error” approach to building your business are over! When you attend the LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar, you’ll get many “a-ha” moments that will allow you to get your investment back over and over again! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and join the hundreds of people who already received the success formula who are enjoying exponential growth!

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Course Description

The First Day is All About Marketing:

You will leave with a Marketing Plan filled with economical spa marketing strategies to help drive more consumers to your spa, salon, medi spa or wellness center. We discuss the importance of spa capacity and how to increase it. We go over how to implement membership and loyalty programs to provide steady monthly revenue. Attendees participate in a website and menu hot seat to point out essential elements needed to improve your menu and online success. You will also learn how to set up your consultation process using the S.A.C.R.E.D. System in order to customize programs, plus so much more…

The Second Day is All About Financial Planning:

You will learn how to budget and receive a pre-calculated excel budget file to create your budget. You will learn a performance-based compensation model to help increase revenue and motivate your team to improve their performance and pay. You will discover how to introduce new treatments, products, and revenue streams to increase and maximize your revenue potential. You will learn the P.R.I.D.E. system for increasing retail sales and upgrade opportunities. You will leave with an entire Financial Blueprint to improve your financial health.

The Third Day Focuses on The C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Hiring System:

You will learn how to recruit and hire your DREAM Team. You will discover the I.C.A.R.E. System which will teach you how to train and coach your team. You will also learn how to structure your business for ultimate success. In addition, you will learn how to position your guest relations department/ reception to convert them from order takers to revenue generators. We wrap up the third day with how to enhance the guest experience and increase retention. At the end of the third day, every attendee receives a certificate and leaves with the entire Blueprint for Success!

Course Features

  • Starts August 14th - 16th
                           November 13th - 15th
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Location Daytona Beach Shores Resort & Spa
  • Business All Types
  • Available Limited Seating

Course Syllabus

Day 1: Developing Your Marketing Plan

  • - Continental Breakfast – Welcome & Introductions 8:30am – 9:00am
  • - Complimentary Lunch & Networking Opportunity 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Day 2: Leadership & Financial Strategies

  • - Continental Breakfast – Welcome & Introductions 8:30am – 9:00am
  • - Complimentary Lunch & Networking Opportunity 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Day 3: Building a High-Performance Team Smarter

  • - Continental Breakfast – Welcome & Introductions 7:30am – 8:00am
  • - Complimentary Lunch & Networking Opportunity 11:00pm – 12:00pm

Course Reviews (65)

By Carol Vandermaaden / Anne Maaden Cosmetic, Laser & Day Spa

Great information to help us take our business to the next step. Your energy and enthusiasm made the learning fun and easy! Thank you

By Karen Fagnilli / The Lakehouse Inn

Dori, Leap Ahead is an amazing program. I am so very glad I found out about the program & InSPAration Management when I did. Since we are a new spa, the knowledge you have shared is so very timely for us & I know this is just the beginning, and you can always be there to guide me. Your teaching style is so wonderful – there is zero fluff all nuts and bolts training. The tools included are invaluable. Also, the networking with all the spa professionals is priceless. Thank you for all you and InSPAration Management does!! (Thanks for planning dinner-wonderful!!)

By Gabrielle Kochell / Belle Pelle Med Spa & Laser

Dori, You have given me direction and am excited to use all the tools you have provided. Before coming to the seminar, I felt as if I was just treading water-no progress- no real direction. You have inspired me to reevaluate my business-and plan better, organize & become truly successful. God Bless You!

By Jordyn Vickers / Belle Pelle Med Spa

Dori, It was such a pleasure meeting you! You are awesome! Being that I am new to the business-your seminar has really opened my eyes to the potential there is for growth. I am so thankful I was able to come down here and learn your amazing knowledge. I am thrilled to go home and put all of this into action! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me!

By Brittany Nuzzi / White Orchid Spa

Dori, You are SO amazing! I’ve never attended a seminar in which everyone is completely engaged, inspired, and left wanting more! I am so grateful for your knowledge and the opportunity to be successful! Thank you for everything & I look forward to spending much more time with you and the InSPAration team!

By Pia Lizza Abellera / Abellera Laser and Med Spa

Dori, Thank you so much for inspiring and empowering us by sharing your knowledge through this training!

By Stephanie Norman / Zoe Maternity Spa & Breastfeeding Center

Dori, Thank you so much for offering this training! I’m so grateful that I’ll be able to apply all these valuable tips, tools & industry resources BEFORE I open my doors. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to start implementing everything. The value I received the first day is well worth it.

By Dorota Greer / Dorota’s Esthetique Boutique

Dori, I cannot thank you enough for widening my (business) horizons. You have just helped me to clarify my vision, put me on the right track to improve any management skills and given me the tools to bring my business to a whole new level.

By Iris Von Schoening / Pender Medi Spa

Dori, It has been an incredible 3 days- full of energy, information, ideas, tools, motivation, resources, and encouragement. It is a little overwhelming, as I expected it would be, but it is also exciting and very valuable and well worth it. I am lucky and grateful to be here.

By Maureen Scales / Anjella Paulette Day Spa

Thank you Dori for delivering a great learning experience. I am very excited to go back and implement many of the improvements I learned. I feel more prepared to take on all of the challenges ahead of me with the tools you provided. I feel inspired and empowered now.

By Rosemary R. Cook / Sanctuary Day Spa

Thanks Dori!!! OMG! My experience at LEAP Ahead has been truly wonderful. I feel excited about my new perspectives on launching a new business. Dori has calmed me, awakened my potential, and given me enough data to posture me for future success. InSPAration Management has become my Sanctuary and my SPA religion. I am forever grateful for making me feel like anything’s possible through preparation, positive attitude, packaging, promoting, and persistence.

By Jenny Cella / Pender MediSpa

Thank you for the awakening you brought to the Physician Skincare and Pender Medi Spa team! So many fantastic ideas that I am so thrilled to bring back to Vancouver, and to start implementing and sharing with the rest of the team all of my newfound knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to grow.

By Elizabeth Mokry / Pender MediSpa

Dori, Your energy is contagious- Where do we begin… PRIDE, receptionist, budget- we’ll start in baby steps but we will take the LEAP. Thank you for your knowledge and support.

By Ross Broderson / Spacio Spa

Dori, This has been one of the best seminars I’ve ever been to. Your step by step programs will help us build our business and take us to the next level. Thanks again for all your help.

By Carl Chaleff / Spacio Spa

Dori, We’ve worked together for several years and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from you, but the LEAP Ahead seminar brings it all together to take the business to the next level. It’s a great three days, and I would recommend this to anyone who owns or manages a spa.

By Amy Hathcox / Amy’s Day Spa

Dori, Well I’m back here again …3 years later! I just wanted to let you know that your seminar is the best I’ve ever attended! I feel very educated and inspired after your class. It has really helped me learn what to do to help my business flourish. I feel there is always more to learn which is why I came back to you for my second dose!

By Tish Singh / Aesthetic & Salon

Dori, This has been one of the best seminars I have ever attended. The information is detailed yet clear and concise. Just listening to you explains everything has really helped me to feel motivated and capable of directing a spa. You’re doing great and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

By Sarah Woodgett-Athey / FaceHaven Skincare and Massage Clinic

Thank you Dori for the “eye opener”, I knew it was time to get serious and stop “muddling” along so now I have begun to input numbers and I am determined to make them sexy! I look forward to being able to let you know what I implemented and how my VPG has increased. Until my next seminar with you I promise to be a good student and put and put all this wonderful structure into practice.

By Sharon Beaubien / Altitude Laser Spa

Dori, Just so you know I am still going to follow you everywhere!! Loved being here, loved learning more and I love you! You are an excellent mentor. Cheers to you!

By Kim H Green / Altitude Laser Spa

Thank you Dori! I thought I could not afford not to attend! I am thrilled with the opportunity this experience has provided me!

By Zenana Rose / Zenana Spa and Wellness Center

Dori, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I feel so inspired and have a renewed sense of hope. I am excited to see my dreams for my business blossom into amazing success.

By Sarai Polanco / Nu Spa Medical

Dori, I feel I have all the ammo I need to go off and conquer. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, your support and guidance. It’s just what I needed at this point in my career.

By Joe Mandato / La Bella Spa

Dori the new “Industry Icon”. Thank you for giving of yourself. Best training ever!!!

By Gerry Farrell / Bloom Organics

Dori, Thank you- I’ve learned so much from you already and this course has really helped me start to believe that I can be a spa professional! Can’t wait to get back and get to work.

By Sylvia Gallo / Face Body Essentials

Dear Dori, Thank you so very much for “LEAP Ahead seminar”. It’s exactly what I need at this time in my life experience.

By Melinda Carillo Gallo / Gallo SkinCare & Wellness

Dori, Thank you for a fabulous experience and all the valuable information. So much to learn and very excited to start a “fresh start” implementing all I have learned.

By Andy and Mary Chau / Magic Nails and Day Spa

Dear Dori, Your class is awesome! I’ve learned so many things and it is a tool for my business. Thank you so much anything you give to us we will be sure to follow your direction. Once again, thank you and god bless you.

By Peggy Zukawski / Shear Design Salon & Day Spa

Dori, Thank you for three amazing days! So much to think about! And sooo…much…to do! I’m sure we will meet again!

By Jean Tretheway / Shear Design Salon & Day Spa

Dori, Thank you so much for giving us so many useful tools to make a fresh start! Your presentations are energetic, exciting and informative! Never a dull moment. We hopefully will see you again very soon.

By Paula Kraft / Zenana Spa and Wellness Center

Dori, Thank you for reigniting my passion and being so inspirational! Your energy and intention are not only clear but also contagious. I have gained so much!

By Don and Matt Garrett / Renu Massage Therapy & Spa

Dori, What can we say; we are overwhelmed with all the great information and tools. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your program and from the other participants. It is helpful to hear that we are not alone in our struggle for success and that the issues we face and the stumbles are common to many. We look forward to working through all the information and tools with our team and will be contacting you; I am sure, for assistance along our new journey.

By Hope Seel and Arnold O’Neal / Simply Your Spa

Dori, The experience here was exceptional! Our eyes (Arnold & I) have been opened! I feel that we have retained a lot of information that will help the spa flourish with exceptional customer service, better recommendations and better overall experience for the clients and our team. We are too excited to get back and implement everything that we have learned. Thank you for the awesome learning opportunity.

By Jessica Drew / Apex Wellness Center

I very much enjoyed all of the content and presentation. It’s nice to be able to use Dori’s knowledge and hard work instead of having to reinvent the wheel. I can’t wait to implement your programs and watch our business build/grow.

By Mary Davis / Spa Royal

I have attended Dori's Leap Ahead seminar and it was fantastic! She shared some really great information and taught me a lot of new ideas that I could add and or simply tweak within my business. Dori is super easy to talk to and to get along with. She really went above and beyond to make sure that I was a success at any change I made within my business after attending her course in San Francisco. I highly recommend Dori if you need to recharge your company and watch your profits soar!

By Linda Byrnes / Wheaton Sport Center Spa

Dori, I have learned so much in three days. I am a little overwhelmed but very much equipped for success now. I can’t wait to implement all your ideas.

By Maria Orlando / Kneaded Relief Wellness Spa

Dori! The information and wonderful energy from this whole experience has been amazing! I feel like this is definitely a defining moment in my life. Your generosity, in so many aspects, is an inspiration for me. I hope that someday I can help and touch others’ lives the way you have mine.

By Sheila & Bob Brittinghan / The Beauty Bar& Wellness Spa

I met Dori last year (2010) at the New York show and knew immediately that I wanted to attend her Leap Ahead Seminar. At that time, I had attended 2 of her classes in New York. After attending her Leap Ahead Seminar a year later, I am excited to get back to my business and put everything in place. Thank you Dori for the inspiration, motivation, and coaching to put our business knowledge in place. You are the BEST!

By Tish Singh / Aesthetic Spa & Salon

After everyday I left the Leap Ahead Seminar, I am so motivated to start using everything I’ve learned. I can definitely see lots of profit increases with just the way we recommend our treatments/products. Even I, who has never been good at sales, feel I can do it genuinely. I’m excited! Thank you Dori! You are wonderful!

By Jenni Cornette / The Beauty Spot

Dori, I am completely inspired and dedicated to implementing the knowledge you have provided me. I am ready to take The Beauty Spot to the next level. I hope to achieve the balance I am seeking in my life by utilizing these tools. I look forward to growing with you.

By Dani Griffith / Beauty Spot

Dori, You rock! I am beyond excited to go back and kick some spa butt! The information you have given me is exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to excel in this business. I have already recommended your work to my spa peeps and plan to follow you for more! You are a huge InSPAration for me to set and reach my goals to be the best spa leader I can be.

By Rina Tzeng / Akoya Spa

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful seminar! The systems that you’ve created for spa owners and the clarity that you have provided us is like giving us the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There should be no reason why I can’t make my mom’s spa dream come true. Again, it has been a pleasure to attend Leap Ahead. I hope to make you proud to have me as a student.

By Brent Voorhees / Spa D’Athena

Dori! Dori! Dori! Thank you so much for giving me the XYZ to my A through W. I’m looking forward to many more years of working with, learning from, sharing with and friendship with you and your team.

By Kendall Erwin / Solutionz Day Spa

Dori! I have learned so much in the last three days! I enjoyed learning and laughing with you and I’m so excited to take this back to Colorado and be in the same boat as my mom! Big thanks!

By Jessica Drew / The Spa at Aapex Wellness

Thank you so much Dori! This seminar has given me exactly what I hoped it would provide! All of the tools are going to very useful as I get our successful spa up and running! Thank you for all of the valuable information!

By Evelyne Viens Dobish / Mirage Holistic Spa

Thank you so much. This seminar- your entire business is a wealth of information and so beneficial. I can’t wait to get home and implement it all. You are awesome! Thanks a million! I look forward to working more with you.

By Beth Pestotnik / Skin Essentials

After working with Dori for over a year via phone, video, and CoachMe calls, I am absolutely amazed how much additional information and ideas I gained. Just to be in the presence of Dori was worth the cost of the seminar…she is brilliant. I am inspired, motivated, and ready to implement and teach her techniques and systems. This seminar has “put all the pieces” together for me and given me such clarity. Thank you Dori!

By Chandra Smith / The Spa

This was an awesome seminar. I learned so much and gained so much insight. The classes were fun and highly informative. I’m ready to unleash the dragon and prepare for a great future in the spa industry. You Rock!

By Pamela Orth / Renu Laser and SkinCare

What a wealth of information! For spas medical, massage, etc., the information Dori shared with us is invaluable! I highly recommend her!

By Lynn Pattishall / Renu Laser and SkinCare

If you own a spa of any kind this is the best money you’ll ever spend!

By Mary Schinbeckler / Turtle Cove Spa

I can’t wait to get home and implement all of the great ideas Dori gave me! She is a wealth of information and experienced in the spa industry. This seminar has been a great investment for me to ensure the success of Turtle Cove Spa!

By Debbie Justice / The Spa At Merle Norman

To sum up the Leap Ahead Seminar from Insparation Management: Phenomenal. The valuable content and presentation of materials, along with a mix of likeminded spa professionals, as well as a talented facilitator, are invaluable. The caring and dedication of Dori Soukup for her leaders goes way above and way beyond what I ever expected from her program. After 30 years of being a business owner, I thought I had all the answers. Dori showed me many new ways to ask the questions, then guided me to search for more productive answers. Show her your desire, and she can lead you to become a better business professional, as she did me.

By Natalie Spencer / Renaissance Day Spa

Leap Ahead exceeded my expectations! I have attended Leap Ahead twice. Once by myself and once with my executive team. Since I’ve returned to work, I have refined many parts of our business plan and implemented many of the new marketing strategies I learned. Our traffic flow and sales have increased by 30%. We loved the VPG program; it opened up our eyes on how we should measure our performance. Leadership Excellence is very dynamic and so full of valuable information.

Once I got back to work and started to see results, I convinced our president to have Dori conduct a private seminar for our entire management team. She has been working with us for two years now and while other businesses are suffering from the slowing economy, our business is stronger than ever. We grew our business in double digits last year and continue to do so now. The Leap Ahead seminar and all of InSPAration Management’s educational programs are so dynamic. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their overall business efforts. Thank you so much!

By Jackie Martin / Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa

Finding Dori and InSPAration Management has been such an amazing experience! We started with Leap Ahead, then joined the CoachMe membership, which has been like having our own private coach all year round. Now, InSPAration Management does all of our newsletters for us! The support, training, and guidance that weve received has taken my business from doing pretty good to Wow, I never imagined this kind of revenue was possible! Implementing all of Doris business management tools has been so extremely time saving and helpful for our entire management team. Just to name one, the Spa Business Manuals CD;

I can only imagine how many hours it would have taken me to create manuals for each department. But all we had to do was make few edits to customize the manuals that InSPAration Management provided and now we have professional, impressive, and practical manuals for the entire spa team! Training is a pleasure now! Thanks to all of the training and encouragement Ive received, my leadership and management skills have improved tremendously and my spa team now has direction, goals, and motivation! I enjoy my business now. Thank you Dori!

By Kathryn Neiman / Spa Marbella At Mission Inn Resort and Club

Dear Dori, Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful seminar! The systems that you’ve created for spa owners and the clarity that you have provided us is like giving us the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There should be no reason why I can’t make my mom’s spa dream come true. Again, it has been a pleasure to attend Leap Ahead. I hope to make you proud to have me as a student. Many Smiles

By Rina Tzeng / Akoya Spa

Dear Dori, Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful seminar! The systems that you’ve created for spa owners and the clarity that you have provided us is like giving us the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There should be no reason why I can’t make my mom’s spa dream come true. Again, it has been a pleasure to attend Leap Ahead. I hope to make you proud to have me as a student. Many Smiles

By Gary Oberoi / Spa Red & White

Thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge and experience. I am still empowered by your ideas and experience after attending your Leap Ahead seminar. It gave me the foundation necessary to succeed. Thanks to you, we have now grown to six spas in Manhattan. Your wisdom lights our path every day. I hope you continue to lead and light the path for the spa industry. The spa sphere is blessed to have you as one of it's leaders. Thank you for all you have done to shape our future.

By Joe Mandato / La Bella Day Spa

Joe Mandato, an experienced spa veteran who leads a very successful spa, is a Leap Ahead graduate! He has much to say about the impact LEAP Ahead has had on his business! Just like all the fine SPA professionals on this page, Joe is very happy with what he learned at the LEAP Ahead seminar! Click the video to listen to what Joe has to say about his experience.

By Rhonda Hatfield / Blue Halo Med Spa

That’s what the LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar is about: Showing you a PROVEN blueprint that will shortcut your success and give you the tools you can immediately “cut and paste” into your business.

By Cindy Cobb / Allure Enhancement Center

This is like getting a Master’s degree in Spa Business Building! This is stuff they didn’t teach you when you went to school…and you probably didn’t learn these important business-building lessons when you opened your spa.

By The Skin Essentials Team / Skin Essentials MediSpa & Boutique

The Spa Business Manuals have helped me implement structure, consistency and amazing strategies in my Spa. I have never had the time to create these myself and I’m so thankful to InSPAration Management for creating these. Through my work with Dori these past years, I now have 8 team members and these manuals are just the thing I needed to help my team grow and function our best together! Thanks, Dori, and the InSPAration Management team!

By Jay Cowan / Love to Live Spa

You’re truly my idol. Moving forward, my eternal dialogue starts with “What would Dori do?” Hearing about how you first started managing with little success to winning an award a year later is more fuel to my motivational fire! Thank you for being you!!!!

By Karen Houshultz / Apple Day Spa

You are an InSPAration and a blessing. You have a God-given gift to inspire others in the most positive atmosphere. It was awesome to spend 3 productive days with motivative, like-minded people. I look forward to working with you in the future!

By John Van Tassell / EuroPro, Inc.

Dori, Thank you for taking the risk and following your passion. You are truly inspirational. We believe this training will make meaningful impact in our business and our lives.

By Lisa Salcido / Europhoria

Dori, Thank you so much for this amazing training! I cannot wait to go back and implement your great ideas. You’ve given me the confidence to go back home and be on fire! Can’t wait to bring you to Bakersfield and share you with our TEAM OF EXPERTS!

By Dainerys Sanchez / Nu Spa Medical

Dori, I have to admit that when Erlyn and Dr. Luisa asked me if I would be interested in taking your Leap Ahead training, I had my reservations about it. For a while, the idea that it would be way out of my league bothered me a bit. So I said to myself, only God knows why this opportunity to step up and take a risk came knocking on my step. Therefore, I assured myself that I would make the best out of the experience, learn as much as posssible, and prove to myself that even an underdog can be a leader. The last three days have been a wonderful journey of knowledge and possibilities. You are like an open library of experience. I am so glad to have met you and to have the opportunity to create a professional relationship with you and your team. This was just amazing!

Blueprint Key Items

Testimonial By: Dr. Laura Bilbruck

#1. Marketing Strategies

The Secrets To Economical Marketing

How to piggyback on the hard work of other businesses to attract more clients to your spa and maximize its exposure—most spas never do this!

Read More

Testimonial By: Dr. Eric Haggard

#2. Financial Health

How To Manage Your Finances

Know which performance reports to monitor so you know what the heartbeat of your business is and what could use a little resuscitation.

Read More

Testimonial By: John Hoime

#3. Revenue Streams

How To Boost Your Sales

How to boost your client value for both retail and services—this is the hidden profit that’s ready to be awakened in your business!

Read More

Testimonial By: Dinara Shakirova

#4. Team Building

How To Build Your Dream Team

The untold steps for keeping your team motivated, energized, and engaged. This will ensure they perform at their best every single day while.

Read More

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Leap Graduates


Gary Oberoi


Day Spa: 52% growth over last year!


Dinara Shakirova


Med Spa: 806% growth over last year!


Rhonda Mordecai


Resort: 30% growth over last year!


Czareyna Carcellar


Solopreneur: 175% growth!

Your Blueprint For Success!

Leap Ahead Special Bonus Tools and Resources

This is just a sampling of the amazing tools and resources you'll receive complimentary for attending the Leap Ahead Seminar!

  • Your Financial Blueprint $695 Value
  • Don’t Sell, “Recommend”! $99 Value
  • LEAP Ahead Workbook $238 Page
  • Annual Marketing Plan $300 Value
  • VPG Compensation $695 Value
  • Business Resources $695 Value
  • Spa Reception & Profits $99 Value
  • Effective Team Building $99 Value
  • LEAP Ahead Certificate Priceless

Thank you so much for giving me direction & tools to bring my business to the next level. I am very excited to work with you in the future.

- Mandy Rohde, Amenity Day Spa

Dori, You have given me direction and am excited to use all the tools you have provided. Before coming to the seminar, I felt as if I was just treading water-no progress- no real direction. You have inspired me to reevaluate my business-and plan better, organize & become truly successful. God Bless You!

- Gabrielle Kochell, Belle Pelle Med Spa & Laser

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